06 March 2017

♥ Snowy Chess ♥

Hello World! Long time no see - as usually!
On the last month (??) I met with Saga for drinking tea at Central. Buuu-uut yours truly made her schedule too tight for said day it went down and fast. So in the end we met in my place. Luckily my apartment is like a cat cafe with bigger tea selection, I mean four cats is good starting point? I think everything was fine in the end (Saga lol do not say nothing :'P ). We got our teas, outfit photos and weekly dose of gossip and kitchen psychology.

I've worn this set - Chess Chocolate OP in pink & bonnet - like billion times already, but never got any photos of it, so here it is! Ladieees and gentlemeeeen ~ ! This is spartaaaa Chess.. Chocolate! Isn't it cute, is it? *.* Now I'm here like, I want this print in every color and cut and whatnots, have you experienced this "in every color in every cut"-condition? ._.

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