14 November 2014

LBC; A Comfy Lolita Outfit


I'm back with Lolita Blog Carnival's post which is today (as the tittle says..) comfy lolita outfit! My old, old really oldest readers may remember that I'm not fan of casual lolita, so I'm not presenting casual lolita as choice to "comfy lolita oufit".

And yeaaaah I've my own cow in drain, because sometimes when I know that I'll just be lazing around and drinking tea with friends and talking things, I just don't fancy idea to dress up in that high volume (like, I'm going to run some catwalk idk or going to meet up to show off my latest burando kkkk), but rather in comfy wear but not plain "yo I woke up like this, it will be enough". So this day's topic will come handy to me to think bit better. ^^

First I would choose empire waist/baby doll OP or JSK, because it gives you chance to wear smaller petti under it, without looking odd while sporting (sweet) lolita with "flat petti". And these kind of dresses are more roomy than "normal waisted" JSK/OP. If I wear OP, then I definitely will skip that cutsew/blouse-part, and if it's colder outside, I would wear bolero or cardigan with jacket.

Second, I would wore cutsew instead of blouse; it's softer, comfier and warmer (heck, I'm freezing here! I can only think about warm clothes right now..) and usually cutsews isn't that sensitive to washing machines and higher temperatures while washing, so not big cry if sleeves gets stained.

I would prefer tights over socks (warmer ~ ) and boots (you could wear wool socks and no one would a tell a thing about extra warmness!), and some one might be thinking that heck, "is she telling about how to dress up for winter instead of comfy lolita outfit.. duh", and I would say that yeah, I was thinking that also.. But pardon my bloomers this time.

Oh, on this part of post I would remind you, that I wear only sweet lolita, so I'm thinking that in that mind set also! On gothic lolita or classic these ideas might look odd or even wrong, but yeah, I'm drawing pretty basic lines here for my version of comfy lolita outfit.

When aiming comfy outfit, I would leave my wig home, and instead make easy hairdo to my own hair, and put simple ribbon or flower crown or something similar, something easy which doesn't press anywhere (wig/headbow headache...) and doesn't take hours to make! If its winter time, I would choose hat.
On second idea for more colder days.. I would choose wig (it would play part as hat also!) and make simple hairdo (braids..? Not those pompom-things which I'm usually sporting..) and but ribbon or hairclips here and there.

Shortly about make up.. 
When I'm aiming comfier outfit, I would use regular contact lenses (mind you, I've poor eyesight..) or because I'm weak for circles; circle lenses with smaller diameter, something 14 or 14.2. Because smaller diameter, it allows simpler eye makeup, than what circles with 14.5 and bigger diameter would allow (without looking like alien from Venus..). I would leave dramatic eyelashes home, and make bit larme kei-inspirated makeup.

That was my idea of comfy lolita outfit! Everyone has their own mind set when it comes "comfy", and right now I think comfy it's something warm, simple and nice when lazing around with friends and using public transportation during rush hour.

What you think about my idea of comfy outfit, and what is your own thoughts about it? Check other blogs also!

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