26 September 2014

LBC: My Usual Lolita Make Up ♥

Hi ~ !
Today's theme for Lolita Blog Carnival was "your usual lolita make up"! I liked that idea really much, because doing my make up is really important to me, and I like doing it really much. Sadly, I had no time to make it more like tutorial-like to show little details and so on.. I had pretty busy week and today I was running some errands so.. I'll blog later what I really did today!

But, back to make up! I usually use these products

- primer (for face and for eyes!)
- bb cream/foundation & GOSH's skin perfecting kit
- powder & blush
- two or three different eyeshadows
- lipstick/lip tint
- eyeliner and mascara
- false lashes and circle lenses!

And I start with primer and foundation, then I draw/make my brows, do my eye make up, make my face make up (perfecting kit, blush, powder) and last I do my lips.

Someone would say that I use really heavy eye make up, but I take my inspiration from gyaru, so that might be bit heavy for some one - not me! The main point on my lolita make up is eyes, and I try my best to make my skin look flawless, it isn't easy because I've acne scars all over my face. Because of that, I use primer and GOSH's skin perfecting kit.

For now, my blush is in stick form, and I prefer it more in that way, I recommend to try! (It's that Lumene's red stick on photo.) I don't prefer some brand over other, and because of that you can find really colorful sets of make up brands from my make up bag!

And every time I buy different foundation/bb cream, because my skin color is damned. I'm palest of my friends  - my friend says that my color is reminds her of bone.. (Thanks, so am I grey or what?) So, I'm still looking for that one perfect foundation/bb cream.
That was everything for this time!
Thank you for your time and patience!

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