19 September 2014

3 Things You'd Tell Your Beginner Lolita Self (Looking Back)

Hi! Long time no see part. xxxxx! But not think about it too much, because today I'm back with really different post! I joined week or something like that to Lolita Blog Carneval, because I've always found their post really interesting, so why not?

Especially I found this weeks topic really.. really nostalgic and need-to-think-maybe-sometimes. Everyone of us has been a beginner,weeaboo and what elses when trying her/his best to learn even begins of lolita fashion. (*distant voice from past yelling about my first "lolita coord"*)

So, this weeks topic was (like tittle above said)

3 things you'd tell your beginner lolita self.

1. Details

That might seem bit odd, but even when beginner lolita, with small closet, do not forget details! Still, from my beginner days to this day, one thing still bothers me. I overlooked one thing - I had really clichéd nail polish and didn't remove it, and went to first meet of my lolita life, and then.. It hounds me still.

Small details will give poise even when your closet contains flat petti, somehow loliable blouse and two skirts.

I would say, that "details" includes also hair and make up, especially hair. I was shitty to do anything to my hair back then, and I'm still bit rusty to do anything, but lolita on learning!

2. Don't give up / Don't mind others

There will be always some d*ckhead telling that you should not wear like that or that, so what? I admit, when my folks told me that I looked like over grown baby, it felt bad (stopped wearing clothes for some time in fear of harsh word..). After that when I was leaving home while wearing lolita, I for real rumbled through bushes and fields! (Living on country side, yeah!)

And when my folks wondered when that "phase" goes over - remind you, been in fashion something like 4 months -, it got me thinking will this go over or what?

After four or something years, no one question that "phase" of mine.

So, what I'm trying to say, was your fashion choice lolita or goth or what else, don't give up when struggling with poor coords (you're learning!) and questioning parents or sisters (because lets admit it, first coords doesn't give really good impression of style X or X!)

3. Speak, goddammit speak!

Even when you're clearly new to lolita and scene, don't hesitate to take apart to meet ups and other gatherings, yeah, some one might (and will..) think that your coord sucks and badly, but still every one has been a beginner! No one hasn't born as clocksmith!

And when you take apart to meet up, speak goddammit, speak. Discuss about things, in fact, when I go to meet up from different town than my own "local", I 'll admit that I will shit bricks, I'm like mute statue against wall and it sucks. But back to business, attending to different kinds of meet ups will give you experience and you will meet different kinds of lolitas (beginners and those who has been in scene something like light years..) and you will learn about coordinates and get tips to get your own coords better!

And never forget humor. You need it. Was it black or shit, cynical or what ever, don't leave it.

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